One issue that may impact on landlords soon has come about due to the publication of a Government consultation. This is a consultation which focuses on electrical safety. Landlords in England already have to comply with rules regarding gas safety in their property and it appears as though similar checks and procedures will be introduced with respect to electrical appliances, It may be that the outcome of these changes will severely impact on private landlords and even the buy to let sector in Crawley.

New regulations relating to electrical safety are likely to be in place soon

The consultation has called on private landlords to carry out electrical installation safety tests and checks on a five-year period. This is being called for with respect to all privately rented properties and every property that a landlord holds in their portfolio.

A similar situation exists in Scotland and the fines for ailing to comply with these regulations north of the border will catch the eye of many Crawley landlords. The fines that could be imposed range between £5,000 and £30,000; so, there is a strong incentive for landlords to ensure that they meet the expectations of the regulations. While the regulations are not expected to be as stringent as they are in Scotland, there will still be many issues that landlords need to deal with.

Landlords should be aware, much as is the case with gas safety requirements, a failure to provide tenants with a copy of all electrical installation safety documents could see a landlord being prevented from using a Section 21 notice to evict a tenant.

Changes have been expected with respect to electrical safety

In light of the events at Grenfell Tower, it is understandable that there will be a greater level of focus and attention placed on electrical safety. Most people will be pleased that action is being taken that will hopefully minimise the chances of a similar event or incident taking place again. However, there is no getting away from the fact that many landlords already feel as though they are at their limit with respect to regulation and involvement in their business affairs.

It is vital that Crawley landlords familiarise themselves with the possible changes and that they ensure they are happy to comply with the regulations. Given the penalties in place for failing to comply, some landlords may decide that it is better to exit the market than to continue while placing themselves at risk of a significant punishment.

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