Know what buyers are looking for when they house hunt

While it can be difficult to know what people are thinking, there are times when it easier to know what people are looking for. There is a significant trend in the current day for celebrities influencing how people think and behave, even in the property market. There is a few well-known faces and well-respected names in the UK property market and these celebrities have developed this status through TV appearances. Phil Spencer is one of the most recognisable property celebrities in the UK these days and he has recently shared a list of tips and things to bear in mind when buyers look for a property.

It is likely that many buyers will follow this advice when looking for property, and this means sellers should be aware of it too. After all, if you can provide buyers with what they are looking for, you will find it much easier to sell your home.

The information provided by Phil Spencer includes:

  • Title register details
  • Local property values
  • Insight into what the neighbours are like
  • If there are existing planning applications in place for the local area
  • The local crime rate
  • What the local schools are like
  • What shops are available in the local area

You could argue that other aspects are important, with transport being something that many prospective buyers want to know about, but you get the impression many buyers will take Phil’s list as their starting point when house-hunting.

Be honest with prospective buyers

This means you should find out this information and share it with prospective buyers. If there is an aspect that is positive and will appeal to buyers, make sure they know all about it. If there is an aspect that is negative, don’t hide it, detail it and if you can, explain it or justify why it isn’t that big an issue. If you can address problems, you will be more effective in persuading a prospective buyer than if you had ignored the topic.

Another great tip to bear in mind if you want to appeal to the right buyers is to choose a reliable estate agent. At Taylor Robinson, we are delighted to say that we know the demographics of property buyers in West Sussex and we will ensure your property is well promoted.