There are changes being implemented on the 1st of October 2018. These new regulations apply to HMO properties. If you are not a HMO landlord, the changes probably aren’t too relevant to you but don’t forget that these changes will impact on the market, which means that, your business may be affected or you may have new opportunities. This is why we are keen to ensure that all Crawley landlords are ready for the new HMO minimum standards.

Be aware of new landlord regulations

The new regulations being implemented will apply when a property hosts a minimum of five people and there are at least two separate households represented in the property. All landlords who let property that meets this criteria will be required to obtain a licence from their local housing authority. It is believed that around 160,000 houses across the country will be affected by the new regulations, and it will provide many landlords with something new to think about.

The fact that councils are being provided with new powers to impose on landlords who are irresponsible or who break regulations fits in with other recent policies implemented by the Government. There is a crackdown on irresponsible landlords, and this will hopefully be positive news for tenants. Anything which generates greater confidence in the market should be viewed as great news and the removal of irresponsible landlords will hopefully provide a stronger opportunity for genuine landlords to prosper.

Be mindful of new minimum sizes for HMO bedrooms

Landlords who let properties that are overcrowded or which are in a sub-standard condition should be aware that local authorities can now act against them. Another issue which may impact on the market is that there will be a minimum size introduced for bedrooms in HMO properties.

Given that some landlords decided that increasing the number of rooms they let was a smart way to generate more income, it is natural that some landlords split bedrooms or living areas into two. There will be many tenants who have been happy with this situation. With the rising cost of rental fees and general costs of living, there have been many individuals who have been delighted with the chance to obtain a small living area for an affordable fee.

However, in the current climate, there is an understandable focus on safety and people’s well-being. Cramped living quarters may be affordable but they may not be the best situation for someone’s long-term mental health, so there will be a lot of support for changes with respect to how small bedrooms can be in a HMO.

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