Opportunity and changing circumstances motivate people to act

With respect to reasons for entering the market, 35% of respondents said that a change in their present income levels was a factor in deciding to become a landlord. A further 29% of respondents said that the current demand for rental accommodation was the principal reason for them looking to enter the market. There is no denying that many people view the current rental market as an opportunity, and if you’re looking to achieve success in this market, we can offer help and guidance.

Whether your focus is on finding the right property, finding the right tenant or managing the property, we can provide you with guidance and assistance. While being a landlord can be lucrative, it is vital that prospective landlords understand that there are many challenges and barriers to success in the rental market

New landlords can operate with success in the market

There are many current landlords who are looking to exit the market but there are different circumstances for existing landlords as there are for new landlords. Existing landlords have had to deal with many changes in recent years, impacting on the way they have ran their business for several years. This can be an arduous process and even though there is an elevated level of demand for rental accommodation, a lot of existing buy to let professionals are opting to leave the industry.

For new landlords though, it should be more straightforward to create a business plan that covers all the current challenges and problems that landlords face. There is an opportunity for new entrants to the market and if you are one of the many people in the UK considering the buy to let market as a career plan or investment strategy, come and speak with Taylor Robinson and we will do what we can to assist you. As local specialists, we take pride in helping the community, so get in touch for guidance and reliable support.