As we step into the new year, the property market is exhibiting signs of positivity, setting the stage for a robust and dynamic year ahead. Key indicators reveal a significant uptick in the market, reflecting both buyer and seller confidence. The property landscape is experiencing a notable surge, with promising statistics that hint at a flourishing market in 2024.


Positive Shift in Asking Prices:

One of the standout trends in the property market is the remarkable increase in the average new seller asking price. January 2024 has witnessed a substantial rise of 1.3%, marking the most significant price surge for this month since 2020. What's even more impressive is that this surge is more than double the 20-year average of +0.6%. This spike in asking prices suggests a growing confidence among sellers, a trend that bodes well for the overall health of the property market.


Impact of Falling Mortgage Rates:

The decline in mortgage rates is playing a pivotal role in boosting buyer confidence. As mortgage rates continue to fall, prospective homebuyers find themselves in a favourable position, making homeownership more accessible. This positive trend is contributing to an improvement in buyer demand, with 42% of agents reporting that buyer demand is higher than it was a year ago. The correlation between falling mortgage rates and increased buyer activity paints a promising picture for the property market's trajectory in the coming months.


Rise in Property Listings:

A notable indicator of sellers' growing confidence is the increase in the number of properties entering the market. In the first week of the year, property listings surged by an impressive 15% compared to the same period last year. This surge in inventory suggests that sellers are increasingly optimistic about the market conditions and are eager to capitalize on the demand. The rise in property listings is a positive sign for both buyers and sellers, fostering a more balanced and dynamic property landscape.


Essential Role of Accurate Pricing:

Amidst these encouraging trends, it's essential for those navigating the property market to maintain accurate and realistic pricing strategies. The success of transactions hinges on understanding the local market dynamics and pricing properties accordingly. Sellers looking to make a move in 2024 should pay close attention to accurate and realistic pricing, ensuring a smooth and successful selling process.


As we kick off the new year, the Crawley property market is experiencing a wave of positivity, marked by a substantial increase in asking prices, improved buyer demand, and a surge in property listings. The combination of falling mortgage rates and a brighter economic outlook sets the stage for a dynamic and flourishing Crawley market in 2024. It remains crucial for both buyers and sellers to stay attuned to these trends and make informed decisions as they navigate the evolving landscape of the property market. Source: Dataloft Poll of Subscribers, Rightmove (January 2024).