In the dynamic landscape of property, the expectations and realities of home moving often diverge, as highlighted by the recently-released Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey. The findings provide a compelling glimpse into the patterns and perceptions surrounding people's residential transitions, shedding light on the motivations, timelines, and unforeseen twists that shape the journey of finding and settling into a new home.


Unmet Expectations: A Closer Look

One striking revelation from the survey is that people move more frequently than they initially anticipate. While a mere 23% of home movers expect to relocate within the next six years, the survey unveils a different reality—indicating that one-third of individuals are likely to make a move within this timeframe. This trend becomes even more pronounced among first-time buyers, with 43% anticipating a residence for six years or less, contrasting with the 37% who end up staying that duration.


Forever Homes and Longevity

The allure of a 'forever home' remains a potent concept, with 31% of respondents expressing the belief that their new property will be a lifelong abode. However, the survey paints a different picture, revealing that only 28% of participants actually find themselves staying in their homes for over two decades. This disjunction between anticipation and reality suggests a fluidity in housing decisions, influenced by diverse factors that unfold over time.


Motivations for Moving: Downsizing Takes the Lead

Understanding the motivations behind selling a property is crucial in comprehending the ebb and flow of the property market. According to the survey, the primary reason cited for selling a property is downsizing, with 18% of respondents making this choice. Following closely is upsizing, at 16%, and a change of scenery or lifestyle, at 15%. These motivations reflect the dynamic nature of life circumstances that prompt individuals to reassess their housing needs.


Source and Implications

The insights presented are sourced from the #Dataloft, Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey 2023, providing a comprehensive understanding of the shifting dynamics in the property market arena. As individuals navigate the complex terrain of housing decisions, these findings serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals, policymakers, and homeowners alike.

The Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey offers a revealing glimpse into the intricate dance between expectations and realities in the realm of home moving. From the frequency of relocations to the motivations driving property sales, the survey captures the nuanced decisions that shape individuals' residential trajectories. As the property market landscape continues to evolve, these insights provide a roadmap for anticipating and addressing the diverse needs and preferences of those embarking on the journey of finding a new home.