In the wake of the heartbreak witnessed in the World Cup final, the resilience and determination displayed by the Lionesses have transcended the boundaries of disappointment, inspiring a new era of sportswomen. This inspiration isn't limited to the professional stage, as the legacy of the EURO 2022 has blossomed, creating an astounding number of opportunities for women and girls to engage in grassroots football activities across England. Moreover, the ripple effects of this phenomenon extend beyond the realm of sports, influencing even the property market. Let's delve into these remarkable developments that are reshaping both the sports and the property market landscapes in England.


EURO 2022: Forging a Path for Women's Football

The EURO 2022 tournament left an indelible mark on the landscape of women's football in England. While the Lionesses may have faced disappointment in the World Cup final, their journey ignited a spark in the hearts of aspiring athletes. The legacy of EURO 2022 has been transformational, with the creation of more than 416,000 new opportunities for women and girls to participate in grassroots football. Schools, clubs, and communities have become vibrant hubs for nurturing talent and fostering the growth of women's football.

In a country where football holds a special place in the hearts of many, this surge of interest in women's football is more than a sporting trend—it's a cultural shift. The EURO 2022 legacy is igniting dreams and breaking down barriers, as young girls witness the accomplishments of the Lionesses and envision themselves making strides in the world of sports.


A Surprising Synergy: Women's Football and Property Prices

Beyond the sports arena, an unexpected connection has emerged between women's football and the real estate market. In the aftermath of the last Women's FIFA World Cup in 2019, property prices in the UK experienced a notable rise. Even in the face of recent market softening, the average house price has surged by an impressive 23.6%. This growth can be partially attributed to the cultural impact of women's football and the resurgence of interest in sports, igniting community engagement and fostering a sense of unity. The average house Price in Crawley for 2019 was £288,582 where as the average house price for August 2023 is £349,178.

Football, particularly in the UK, transcends mere entertainment—it's a collective experience that binds communities together. As spectators and participants come together to celebrate the beautiful game, they also contribute to the economic ecosystem, breathing life into local businesses and driving demand in the housing market.


The Enchanting Allure of Football

With an estimated 13.5 million individuals engaging in football in some capacity, it's evident that the sport's allure knows no bounds. From casual kickabouts in local parks to organized matches on community playing fields, football resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. The sheer number of community playing fields in Great Britain—over 21,600, sprawling across more than 54,000 hectares—reflects the profound influence that football has on the nation's social fabric.

The Lionesses' journey is a testament to the potential of women's football to galvanize communities and inspire generations. As young girls lace up their boots and step onto the pitch, they're not just playing a game—they're embracing empowerment, teamwork, and the spirit of competition. These values transcend sports and become guiding principles in all facets of life.


In conclusion, the Lionesses' journey from heartbreak to inspiration showcases the profound impact of women's football on society. The EURO 2022 legacy has opened doors for countless aspiring sportswomen, while also breathing life into local communities and the property market. Football's unifying power continues to shape the cultural, economic, and social landscapes of the United Kingdom, fostering a sense of togetherness that goes far beyond the pitch. As the Lionesses pave the way, a new generation stands ready to embrace the beautiful game and all the transformative potential it holds.


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