The latest poll conducted by Dataloft Inform, a leading real estate data provider, has unveiled an interesting trend in the property market. More than 75% of agents surveyed reported that properties are selling at a reduction on the initial asking price. With property price growth softening, the importance of realistic pricing has become paramount for sales success. This article delves into the findings of the poll, shedding light on the current market conditions and the need for vendors to set realistic prices.

Softening Property Price Growth:

According to the survey, property price growth has been experiencing a slowdown, prompting the need for strategic pricing. The latest data from Rightmove reveals that the average asking price of newly listed properties rose by a modest 1.8% between April and May. This suggests a more cautious approach by sellers in response to changing market dynamics.


Unrealistic Price Expectations:

The poll indicates that many vendors hold overly optimistic price expectations despite the softening market. More than 50% of agents reported that properties, on average, sell with a price reduction of up to 5% from the initial asking price. This suggests that vendors who set their prices too high initially may struggle to attract buyers and ultimately need to adjust their expectations to secure a sale.


Substantial Price Reductions:

In addition to smaller price reductions, a significant number of properties require more substantial adjustments. Approximately 23% of agents stated that properties are selling with reductions exceeding 5% of the initial purchase price. This indicates that some vendors are facing the challenge of aligning their expectations with the prevailing market conditions, which demand more competitive pricing strategies.


Market Shifts Over Time:

The poll highlights an interesting shift in market dynamics. Back in November, a significant proportion of agents reported that properties were selling at the asking price, indicating a more favorable seller's market. However, by February 2022, many properties were being sold above the initial asking price. The recent data suggests a reversal of this trend, with a majority of properties now selling at a discount.


The Importance of Realistic Pricing:

Realistic pricing has become crucial in the current market environment. With buyers becoming more discerning and cautious, setting an initial asking price that aligns with market expectations can significantly improve the chances of a successful sale. Pricing a property competitively from the outset can attract potential buyers, generate more interest, and potentially lead to faster transactions.


The latest Dataloft Inform poll provides valuable insights into the state of the property market, emphasizing the importance of realistic pricing. With property price growth softening and a majority of agents reporting sales at a reduction on the initial asking price, it is clear that vendors need to adapt to the changing market conditions. By setting realistic prices that align with buyer expectations, sellers can enhance their chances of securing a sale in a more cautious and discerning market. Ultimately, an informed and strategic approach to pricing will be vital for success in the evolving real estate landscape.