Crawley, a vibrant town in West Sussex, has witnessed a significant influx of financial support in recent years, contributing to the thriving property market in the area. According to data from The Institute of Fiscal Studies, an astounding £17 billion is gifted or informally loaned annually in the United Kingdom, with a substantial portion of it being utilized for property purchases or improvements. This article explores the impact of intergenerational financial assistance in the Uk and Crawley, shedding light on the remarkable figures and the critical role it plays in the local real estate landscape.


The Generous Flow of Funds


The Institute of Fiscal Studies reveals that more than half of the £17 billion gifted or loaned each year in the UK is dedicated to property acquisition or enhancement. This infusion of funds has had a profound impact on the UK’s property market and also benefited Crawley's property market, injecting vitality into the sector and driving growth. With a keen interest in homeownership, individuals in their late 20s and early 30s are the primary beneficiaries of this generosity, with funds primarily originating from parents aged over 50. The average gift bestowed for property purchase or improvement exceeds £20,000, illustrating the magnitude of support provided by older generations to younger ones.


Aiding the Journey to Homeownership


The financial assistance provided by parents and family members plays a crucial role in enabling aspiring homeowners in Crawley to achieve their dreams. Statistics indicate that the average age at which children leave home ranges from 25 to 27 years, while the average age for purchasing a first property stands at 33. These numbers reflect the significant financial challenges faced by young adults in navigating the competitive property market.


According to Census 2021, over 22.4% of families in the UK consist of one or more adult children, further emphasizing the relevance of intergenerational support. Without the aid of family and friends, the aspirations of more than 70% of prospective homebuyers would be hampered, leading to an average delay of four years in their property purchase plans, as reported by Legal and General. Therefore, it is evident that the financial assistance provided by parents and other relatives in Crawley plays a vital role in bridging the affordability gap and propelling individuals toward property ownership.


Economic Boost and Community Strength


The injection of billions of pounds into UK's property market not only benefits individual homeowners but also stimulates the local Crawley economy. Increased property transactions generate revenue for various industries, including construction, interior design, and home improvement. The resulting economic activity contributes to job creation, increased consumer spending, and overall growth in the region. Moreover, this financial support fosters a sense of community cohesion, strengthening familial ties and promoting shared goals among different generations.




The availability of substantial financial assistance from parents and family members has had a profound impact on the property market in Crawley, West Sussex. With billions of pounds gifted or informally loaned each year in the UK, aspiring homeowners in their late 20s and early 30s receive critical support to overcome the challenges of entering the property market. This assistance not only accelerates the path to homeownership but also provides an economic boost to the local community. As Crawley continues to thrive, the significance of intergenerational financial support remains a key factor in shaping the real estate landscape and fostering a prosperous future for residents