Positive signs for the UK property market as the first quarter of 2018 recorded an average growth of 1.27% in property prices.

Recent data from Zoopla has revealed that homes in Britain gained £44 in value between January and March of 2018, an average of £3,917 added to the price tag of a home, resulting in a collective growth of £114 billion.

While the change in rental rates in England and Wales have seen little change since the beginning of 2018, the comparison year-on-year is a considerable difference.

According to the latest rental tracker index from Your Move, the average residential rent in England and Wales has risen by 3.2% in the 12 months to March 2018.

There are a few changes that you can make around the house that could save you hundreds of pounds a month! Some of them are as simple as clicking a button or turning a dial.

If you are looking to rent property, you should be aware of the initial costs of doing so. It is natural for property buyers to consider their mortgage and solicitor fees when purchasing a property, but many tenants have been left surprised at the level of deposit they have to pay when moving into a home. There is a valid argument why a deposit should be placed on rental accommodation, but it is the level of acceptable deposit that is an issue for most people, and this is as true for West Sussex as it is for any other part of the UK.

No matter what you are selling, if you know who your buyers are likely to be, and you know what they are thinking or what they are looking for, you are well placed to achieve success. This is as true for the property market as it is for any industry or sector. At Taylor Robinson, we have helped a considerable number of property owners sell their home in West Sussex and a lot of this is down to us knowing the market and knowing what buyers are looking. It is the demands and expectations of buyers that provides the information property sellers need to know, and we are here to help you capitalise on this knowledge. 

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