News Top selling tips for a smooth sale

Published by Ben on 3rd May, 2017

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Every property owner that is looking to sell their home is surely looking for a smooth sale. If you can help your property sale move quickly and with as little trouble or fuss as possible, it will help you stay in control without feeling as stressed. Here are some top selling tips for a smooth sale.

Instruct a good solicitor as early as you can

When you place your property on the market, you should be looking to instruct a solicitor as quickly as possible, and you should carry out research on good local solicitors. Appointing a solicitor as early as possible enables them to undertake the groundwork and be able to contact the solicitors of the buying party as soon as the deal moves forward. You’ll also find that having a solicitor in place sends out a signal that you are serious about selling the property, which may make your home a more attractive option for some buyers.

Know where your title deeds are

Before the solicitor can draft contracts, they need to be able to review the title deeds. If there is a mortgage in place for your property, the bank or lender may hold the title deeds.

Inform the solicitor of work that has been carried out

If you have undertaken any work at the property since you have owned it, inform the solicitor. It may be that you’ll need to provide certification regarding the work you have undertaken, so speak to an expert and make sure you can access any documents or certification that will be required. Being as prepared as you possibly can will help to make the process a lot easier, so be aware of what you need to provide.

Make sure that all certificates and reports are in place

In order to be allowed to advertise a property, an agent should first have the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and the advisory report.

Do you have tenants?

If the property is currently being let, you will need to decide whether you are selling with or without tenants in place. If you decide to have the tenants removed before the sale, you need to ensure you comply with the tenancy agreement and the legislation regarding bringing the tenancy to an end.

There are positive and negative elements to having a tenant in place when selling a home, so make sure you think about what is best for your needs.

Provide information about the home and area

You should also look to have as much information about the home and local area as possible. If you are involved with the viewing process, this is information that you can offer to potential buyers which may convince them of the quality of your home and local area. Given the competitive nature of the property market, sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference so take the time to know the key features and benefits of your property and be in a position where you can tell others.

You’ll also find that making yourself available as best as you can during the selling process will help to speed up the process and keep things running smoothly. You should also feel okay with reminding people of what action has to be taken and hurrying people up who may be taking too long!

If you are looking for a smooth sale, you will find that these tips should be able to help you out.