News How to make your home a smart home

Published by Ben on 31st May, 2017

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The changing nature of technology means that people can have greater control over so much in their life, including their home. It has never been easier to manage your home in the correct manner and the aim of a ‘smart home’ is to obtain the maximum level of comfort for the minimum level of effort and cost. While this is true for the homeowner and occupants, smart homes can also positively impact on a person’s energy usage and the impact on the environment. Being able to save money is an attractive feature for most property owners and being able to help the environment at the same time is a fantastic bonus. With this in mind, it is easy to see why many people are keen to learn how to make your home a smart home.


One of the easiest, and therefore first, steps in creating a smart home revolves around lighting. There is a wide range of smart options for lighting which can help you to set a mood for particular rooms or at particular times, to turn on lights from your tablet or phone and even to schedule times for the lights to turn on and off.

A growing use for smart lighting is gradually increasing the lighting in the morning, helping people to wake up gently, allowing them to be better prepared for the day ahead. You may be surprised at how many options there are when it comes to utilising smart-style lighting at home, and this makes it the ideal starting point.


It is probably fair to say that heating is the aspect that most people associate with smart technology at home. There has been a considerable level of media focus on smart heating systems or thermostat options; and there have been many TV adverts extolling the virtues of a smart heating system.

There is a great deal of excitement in initially setting up a smart heating system, this is a huge novelty for many people, but the real reasons to switch to a smart heating system are to save money. Utility bills are rising all the time and more and more people are looking to be efficient in their energy usage. Smart heating controls provide individuals with greater control over their heating, helping to save money and to ensure that less energy is being wasted.


Anything which uses switches around your home can be converted to smart technology, which means that you can be in full control or have peace of mind. If you are the sort of person that leaves the home and then worries about leaving a switch on will be able to turn off switches from wherever they are thanks to their smartphone or electronic device.

There is also a lot to be said for keeping in touch with your energy usage, which helps you to stay on top of your energy bills and how much money you are spending.

Other tasks around the home that can be utilised in a smart manner:

·        Cleaning with robot vacuum cleaners becoming commonplace and more affordable

·        Shopping with smart fridges analysing the content of your fridge or the use of Smart buttons, such as those utilised by the Amazon Dash feature

·        Home security with a smart doorbell connected to video footage that can be relayed to a video screen device or even your laptop/computer/smartphone device

·        Home cinema/sounds system controlled by their smartphones

·        Wall plates allowing USB charging

The benefits of a smart home can transform your home life, how you spend money and how much enjoyment you get from home life. The fact that there are so many simple and straight forward ways to convert your home into a smart home, it is easy to see why so many people are taking the decision to create a smart home.